Golfspelare i förgrunden håller en golfklubba med en detaljerad grönt mönstrad golfgrepp, iklädd en svart golfhandske och en blå och grön bukethat, med en suddig golfbana i bakgrunden.

2Gringos presents: Hottest Golf Grips 2024

Welcome to 2Gringos, where we constantly keep track of the latest trends in the world of golf. This year we have turned our attention to something that is often forgotten but is crucial to the game – the golf grip. Whether you are a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic amateur, choosing the right grip is central to your experience on the golf course. In our latest list, we've rounded up the hottest and most innovative golf grips on the market in 2024. We dive into a world of color, innovation and quality, and show you why these grips are something you don't want to miss. So grab your club, it's time to explore the most exciting golf moves right now!

1. Ripit Grips: Australian Color Explosion Are you tired of the traditional and want to add some color to your golfing experience? Then Ripit Grips are for you. This Australian brand has taken the golfing world by storm by offering a delightful array of colorful grips. Their products are not only pleasing to the eye but also designed to provide optimal grip and comfort. A perfect choice for the style-conscious golfer who wants to stand out on the course. For more information, visit the Ripit Grip website .

2. Alien Pros: Innovation for all Alien Pros challenge the conventions of golf with their unique take on the grip. They offer something as unusual as floorball-inspired grips that you wrap around the stick. This innovative idea may seem odd at first, but it is precisely this creativity that makes Alien Pros an interesting choice. Perfect for those who like to experiment and who are not afraid to try new things. Alien Pros may be especially appealing to the younger or budget-conscious golfer. Check out their many great designs on the Alien Pro website .

3. Golf Pride: Classic Elegance For those who prefer a more traditional look, Golf Pride is a proven choice. They are known for their high quality and the classic look of their grips. Golf Pride is a well-established brand that is available at most retailers in Sweden. They offer a variety of models to suit all types of golfers, from amateurs to professionals. For a deeper insight into their range, visit the Golf Pride website .

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4. Sweet Rollz : The work of art among putter grips, here golf grips are taken to a new level by combining outstanding design with top performance. Their putter grip is like a work of art, inspired by the precision and detail found in the manufacture of racing steering wheels for exclusive sports cars. Through a one-of-a-kind custom sewing process, these grips offer a feel and feedback on every putt that is directly transferable to your hands. This finesse and wealth of detail make the Sweet Rollz Golf a perfect choice for the golfer who will not settle for less than the best, both in appearance and performance. Sweet Rollz website

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5. Best Grips: American Craftsmanship

Best Grips takes pride in offering handmade leather golf grips, made in the USA. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design, their products exude both quality and style. With a wide range of grips for both clubs and putters, Best Grips offers a unique experience for the golfer who values ​​feel and precision. In addition, they have a customizable approach, where golfers can tailor their grip to personal taste and style. This combination of quality craftsmanship and customization options make Best Grips an attractive choice for the discerning golfer. Visit the Best Grip website for more information.

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6. Gimme Grips: Innovative Design and Function

Gimme Grips, based in Southern California, offers a unique blend of style and functionality in its golf grips. Their products, especially the putter grips, highlight innovative design with a focus on detail. An interesting feature is their putter grip with built-in ball marker, which makes it easier for the golfer and contributes to a more streamlined playing experience. With its commitment to both design and practical use, Gimme Grips are an attractive choice for golfers looking for that little something extra both on and off the golf course. More information is available on Gimme Grip's website .

7. Gript Golf: Joy of color and unique design

Gript Golf offers a series of putter grips that combine unique design with a colorful aesthetic. Their grips are created to add an element of fun and personality to the golf experience. With a focus on both comfort and style, Gript Golf offers grips that not only look good but also improve the game. They are perfect for the golfer who wants to stand out on the course and is looking for something different and exciting. For a look at their colorful and unique putter grips, visit the Gript Golf website .

8. Guilty Golf: Modern and Qualitative Design

Guilty Golf offers a collection of golf grips that combine high quality materials with modern design. Made from a premium blend of rubber, their grips feature strategically placed, built-in patterns that are both stylish and functional. These grips are designed to offer a superior playing experience and add a distinctive style to the golf equipment. For the golfer looking for performance and design in perfect harmony, the Guilty Golf is an excellent choice. Discover more about their range on Guilty Golf's website .

In addition to these, we have the coolest putter grips right now coming from Birds of Condor, known for their stylish and high performance grips that really take your putting game to the next level. See them here.

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