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2Gringos presents: Unique and Exciting Putter Brands

At 2Gringos we have a passion for golf and everything that makes the game unique. We understand that many golfers tend to go for the most famous putter brands, but we want to highlight some lesser known manufacturers that offer something truly special. Here is our list of interesting putter brands, many of which are custom made, that we think deserve your attention:

  1. Logan Olson Putters - Exclusive hand crafted putters that are custom made for every golfer. read more here putter
  2. KB Golf - Creates unique custom made putters, combining craftsmanship with design. read more here
  3. Fujimoto Golf - Japanese precision and exclusivity in every putter. read more here
  4. Acronym Golf - Modern and technically advanced putters with a unique style. read more here
  5. Caley Golf - Scottish craftsmanship and tradition in putter making. read more here
  6. Vega Golf - Traditional techniques and Japanese quality. read more here
  7. Paradise Golf - Personal and unique putters. read more here
  8. Sakaki Putters - Focus on details and high quality. read more here
  9. Meridian Putters - Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. read more here
  10. Lajosi Putters - Australian Custom Design. read more here
  11. Brandon Matthew - Personalization and attention to detail. read more here
  12. Sandflo Golf - Swedish design and craftsmanship. read more here
  13. National Custom Works - Unique aesthetics and custom design. read more here
  14. Sink Golf - British innovation and quality. read more here
  15. Don't Give A Putt - Humorous and innovative design. read more here
  16. LAB Golf - Technological innovation and performance. read more here putter
  17. Lamb Crafted - Exclusive and handcrafted putters. read more here
  18. Vanta Golf - Modern style and design. read more here
  19. LA Golf - Brand that has a wide range of other golf gear, but focused more and more on putts. read more here
  20. Sacks Parante Golf - Range of both blades and mallets, luxurious feel. read more here

These brands represent a delightful mix of innovation, traditional craftsmanship and modern design. They are perfect for you who want to explore something new and add a personal touch to your golf game.

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