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Simple tests to determine if your golf balls are in good condition

On the golf course, every stroke is an opportunity to explore the challenges of the game. But just like everything else, your golf balls have a limited lifespan. Although they are built to withstand stress, wear and tear is inevitable. Let's take a look at four simple tests that will help you determine if your golf balls are still performing at their peak.

Test bounce:
This test is simple. Bounce a new golf ball next to an older one on a hard surface such as a granite slab or tile floor. Observe not only the bounce, but also how the balls move as they bounce. The new ball should have a better bounce, but if the older one isn't far behind, it's still in good shape.

The sound test:
Use your driver club for this test. Hit the ball and listen carefully to the sound it makes. Can you recognize the sound of a brand new golf ball when you hit it? If you hear the sound, it may be a sign that the surface of the ball has cracked in some way.

The displacement test:
For this test you need salt water. If the ball floats in salt water, it's fine, but if it sinks, it could be a sign of a leak on the surface of the ball.

Test the distance:
On the driving range or green, hit the ball and note how far it goes. If it reaches the desired distance without you exerting too much effort, it is still useful.

Storage For Long Life:
Golf balls will last a long time when stored properly. Be sure to keep your new golf balls separate from the used balls. They should be stored indoors at room temperature when not in use.

Never leave your golf balls in your vehicle or outdoors where they can be exposed to extreme heat and cold, as well as UV rays from the sun. By checking your golf balls regularly and storing them properly, you will get many rounds out of them before they go bad and need to be replaced.

Testing your golf balls regularly is an easy way to determine if they are still performing at their peak. By performing these tests and storing them properly, you can be sure that your balls are not a factor that negatively affects your game. So the next time you're on the golf course, remember to keep an eye on your balls and make sure they're ready to give you the best possible performance.
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