Amatörtips som förbättra din golffärdighet

Amateur tips to improve your golf skills

Playing golf is not only about hitting far and getting as few strokes as possible, there are many ways to improve your playing technique. With a little preparation, you can become a MacGyver on the track, impressing your fellow players with an impressive collection of tricks and shortcuts. Here are 2Gringo's do-it-yourself amateur tips that will save you a few punches (and a few bucks)
  • Warm up your ball

On cold days, you can put your first tee ball in your pocket on the way to the range to keep it warm. Studies show that a hotter ball produces longer strokes.

  • Baby shoe as putter protection
Replace your uncomfortable putter cover with a cute one: a baby shoe.
  • "Reminder Card"
Write down your three working thoughts for swing situations on a card and keep it in your bag. Look at the card after a bad stroke to refocus.
  • Make room for beer
Remove two irons from your bag (you can survive a round without your 3-iron and 4-iron). Fill the bag with beer instead.
  • The hat as a marker

When you miraculously find your ball in knee-high tall grass, don't go back to the golf bag to change clubs only to realize you forgot where the golf ball was. Place your golf cap next to the ball.

  • Follow the wind with your nose

Throwing blades of grass in the air is unsophisticated. Instead, point your nose into the wind. When you feel the wind balanced on your ears, point your nose directly into the wind.

  • Have a nail in the golf bag
Carry a nail in your golf bag. It's a perfect tool for cleaning the grooves on clubs, and it also doubles as a tough ball marker.
  • Use a whiteboard pen
Impact tape, who needs it? Instead, use a whiteboard pen on the club to get instant feedback on where you hit the ball.

  • Straighten the putter shaft with the golf towel
Do you have a bent putter shaft? Take your golf towel and rub your shoulder up and down. The friction will heat up the shaft to a point where you can straighten out a slight bend. (Yes, it actually works.)
  • Customize the clubs with nail polish

Use nail polish to customize the paint of your irons and wedges to a Tour-pro grade.

  • Keep in your pocket for an extra ball

We don't support cheating, but we respect creative attempts to bend the rules. Cut a small hole in one of your pockets so that it can be used when the ball is lost. "Oh, hey guys - I just found it!"

  • Bring extra score cards

If you walk around the course, put some extra score cards from your home course in your bag. That way, if you forget to pick up at the clubhouse, you'll already have them in your golf bag.

Playing golf is not just about hitting a perfect shot or reaching a certain score. It's about having fun, enjoying the challenge and learning from your mistakes. With these "pro tips" you can improve your technique, save a few strokes and have even more fun on the golf course. Remember, it's the little things that make a big difference, so feel free to try some of these tips and see how they work for you. And above all, have fun on the track!

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