Tre män i golfkläder från Birds of Condor

Australia's Golf Brands: A Casual Look at Golf Fashion

Australia is known for its relaxed lifestyle and this also permeates the country's golfing culture. Golf brands such as Birds of Condor and Ripit clearly illustrate the relaxed attitude with their innovative and stylish design choices, which is different from the more traditional and formal style often seen in golf clothing from other parts of the world.

Birds of Condor - Golf With a Touch of Surf

Birds of Condor, based in Byron Bay, is a golf brand that draws clear influences from surfing culture, which is not surprising given its proximity to some of Australia's best surfing beaches. The brand is characterized by its playful and sometimes ironic graphic tees, caps and accessories that all bear clear references to music, pop culture and of course, surfing. It's not just the clothes that are unique, but also the brand identity itself that permeates a cool and casual vibe, appealing to the younger generation of golfers who want to stand out on the golf course.

Golf clothing from Birds of Condor

Ripit – Breaking Norms

Ripit is another Australian golf brand that caters to those who want to combine their passion for golf with a trendy and relaxed style. The brand focuses on high-quality grips and designs that hold up to the demands of the game while not compromising on style. Ripit is known for its daring designs and colorful grips that break the traditional golf norms.

Golf grips from Ripit

Golf culture in Australia

In Australia, golf is more than just a sport; it is a social activity where both play and togetherness are central. This culture is reflected in the clothing and golf accessories that Australian golf brands produce. The flexibility and versatility of Birds of Condor and Ripit clothing allows players to move from a round of golf to other social activities without having to change outfits. This type of cross-functional design is central to the modern golf brands in Australia.

Golf fashion of the future

Australian golf brands such as Birds of Condor and Ripit not only stand for a relaxed style, they are also role models in sustainability work in the fashion industry. With an increased awareness of environmental issues, many of these brands choose to use sustainable materials and production methods, which makes them even more attractive to the environmentally conscious consumer.

It's clear that Australia's unique approach to golf and fashion continues to inspire and influence golf apparel and golf gear around the world. With their relaxed approach and creative design, these brands break new ground and show that golf fashion can be both functional and fashionable.

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