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Best jokes the golf balls

Golf ball pranks are fun, especially if you're the one doing the prank or watching it happen. Those who fall victim to the joke may not agree.

Today we highlight some of the most popular golf ball pranks and tell you how you can pull them off. You may not need nerves of steel and the dexterity of a jewel thief to stage a golf prank, but a certain finesse is required to succeed.

The Exploding Golf Ball Joke

Exploding golf ball is perhaps the most famous golf ball joke. These balls are available online, in joke shops and even in some golf stores.

When the ball hits the tee, it explodes in a cloud of white powder. However, it takes skill to pull off this prank professionally because the balls, despite looking real, don't feel like a real golf ball.

That means you have to be the one to place the exploding golf ball on the tee. The best way is to distract your playing partner just when they are ready to hit their shot and quickly replace their ball with the exploding one.

The Joke with the Loud Ball

For those looking for a prank that really grabs attention on the golf course, consider the loud ball prank. This type of joke ball, which you can find on sites like ShockdGolfBalls, offers a unique twist on the traditional golf joke. Instead of exploding or doing something expected when hit, this ball emits an unexpectedly loud noise. The surprising sound is not only shocking to the player hitting the ball but also attracts the attention of other players nearby.

To perform this prank in the best way, follow these steps:

Make sure you have a loud golf ball on hand. These balls are designed to look and feel like a regular golf ball until the decisive moment of the shot.

Wait for an opportune moment, such as when your playing partner is focused on their next shot or when they are looking for their ball.

Discreetly replace their regular ball with the loud ball. This may require some distraction or a well-chosen time when they are not looking.

As they hit the ball and the loud noise echoes across the court, confusion and amazement will spread. This moment of pure amazement will become a memorable part of the round.

It is important to remember that golf pranks should be performed with a sense of good sportsmanship and never intentionally injure or seriously disrupt the game. The loud ball joke is perfect for a light-hearted round with friends who appreciate a good laugh.

Joke golf balls

Exploding golf balls aren't the only joke golf balls. Some prank balls shoot out a serpentine tail. Others jump, gyrate and wobble. The so-called "unputtable ball" is weighted so that it rolls erratically when putted.

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