Fem stycken golfare ligger ner på golfbanan för att skydda sig från bisvärm.

Beesvärm attacked the golfer Erik van Rooyen

An unexpected event unfolded on the golf course during the Mexico Open when a swarm of bees attacked golfer Erik van Rooyen during his tee shot. Van Rooyen and other people on the track threw themselves on the ground to avoid being stung by the bees. The commentators on the Golf Channel were amazed at the sight and burst out laughing at the unusual occurrence.

Van Rooyen later said that he was the first to spot the bee swarm when he was about to strike out. He told his caddy that there were bees coming, but the caddy looked at him like he was crazy. As van Rooyen threw himself to the ground, the caddy also saw the swarms of bees and did the same. Other golfers on the course, including Francesco Molinari and Chez Reavie, saw van Rooyen and the caddy lying down and quickly realized what was happening, and they threw themselves to the ground as well.

Golfers crouch to protect themselves from bee swarms

The commentators on the Golf Channel described it as a mist of bees flying over the golf course. They also said they had never seen anything like it on a golf course before.

Once the bee swarms had flown on, the players could stand back up and continue the game. Despite the unexpected event, van Rooyen's tee shot was not affected, and he was able to continue playing and get into seven under par. He is now tied for second with Estanislao Goya behind leader Austin Smotherman.

Bee attacks are not uncommon in some parts of the world, especially in hot and dry conditions. However, it is very rare for a swarm of bees to attack on a golf course during a professional competition. Van Rooyen and the other golfers on the course may have been lucky to avoid being stung by the aggressive bees.

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