En stor krokodil som går över en golfgreen.

The five oddest golf events in history according to 2Gringos

There are many odd golf events that have occurred throughout history. Here is 2gringo's leaderboard:

Fifth place:

Mongoos steal golf ball during tournament in South Africa

Two Mongoos animals on the golf course sniffing golf ball.

During a golf tournament in South Africa, play was abruptly stopped when a mongoose ran onto the course and stole a golf ball. The incident occurred on one of the holes on the course where one of the players had hit the ball away. The mongoose is a type of cat-like creature common in Africa and Asia, and is known for its ability to steal food and other items. After stealing the ball, the mongoose ran off into the forest and the players were forced to wait until the ball could be replaced before the game could continue. Despite the unexpected interruption of play, the players saw the incident as a fun and memorable experience during the tournament.

Fourth place:

Alligator on the green stops golf competition in Florida

A large crocodile walking across a golf green.

A golf tournament in Florida had to be canceled when an alligator walked onto the green and laid on the flag. The incident occurred on a golf course where the players had been in full swing with the competition when the alligator suddenly appeared. The alligator showed no concern for the presence of the players and refused to move off the green, forcing the organizers to suspend the competition and wait until the animal left the scene. The players took the situation in stride and many of them took pictures of the alligator on the green as a souvenir from the tournament.

Third place:

Astronaut hitting golf ball from the moon

During one of the Apollo missions, astronaut Alan Shepard hit a golf ball from the surface of the moon. The incident occurred during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971, when Shepard took a golf club and hit the ball while on the lunar surface. Shepard hit the ball with a modified golf club, because the surface of the moon has no atmosphere and it is harder to hit the ball there than on Earth. Despite the technical challenges, Shepard managed to hit the ball several hundred yards, making him the first person to play golf on the moon.

Second place:

Golfer struck by lightning during tournament in Illinois

Golfer Lee Trevino was struck by lightning during a golf tournament in Illinois in 1975. Trevino was out on the course playing a round when the storm hit and he was struck by lightning. Although he survived the incident, he had to cancel the competition and had to stay in the hospital for several days to recover. However, Trevino recovered and was able to continue playing golf after the incident, but the incident shows the dangers that can occur during a round on the golf course.

First place:

Golf professionals use helicopter to save ball during tournament in South Africa

An unusual incident took place during a golf tournament in South Africa when one of the players hit his ball and it landed on a rock ledge off the course. The player thought the ball was lost, but another golfer had a different idea - he would use a helicopter to rescue the ball. After hiring a helicopter and pilot, the golfer flew out to the rock ledge where the ball lay and managed to pick it up with the help of a fishing rod. The incident generated a lot of attention and the video of the rescue quickly spread on social media. Although the players did not receive any extra points for the rescue, it became a memorable event during the tournament.

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