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The invisible help: How to use an alignment stick to improve your golf game

In a world where the sport of golf is continually evolving with new technology and equipment, there are still some simple tools that stand out for their effectiveness and versatility. One such tool is the humble alignment stick, an aid that may not catch the eye at first but has become indispensable to golfers of all levels.

Alignment sticks are long, narrow rods, usually made of plastic or alloy, and are used to help golfers with their alignment, or direction, during practice. Despite their simplicity, these tools can have a major impact on a golfer's ability to improve their technique and thereby lower their scores.

On a short-cut lawn lie an alignment stick and a putter together with two golf balls.

Areas of use

The primary purpose of an alignment stick is to provide visual feedback to the golfer about the positioning of the body and club through various parts of the swing. Here are some of the most common uses:

Foot Positioning: By placing a stick on the ground, parallel to the target line, golfers can adjust their feet to ensure they are positioned correctly in relation to the target. This is fundamental to achieving consistency in the strokes.

Swing Path: A stick can be placed in the ground at an angle to act as a visual guide to the swing path, helping to correct in- or out-swings that may lead to slice or hook.

Body Alignment: In addition to the feet, alignment sticks can be used to control the direction of the hips and shoulders in the stance, which is essential for good swing mechanics.

Practice Routines: Many professional coaches use alignment sticks in various practice routines to develop and improve various aspects of the golfer's technique, such as balance, rhythm and pace.

Putting: To find the lines on the practice green.

A golfer walks over a wooden bridge on the golf course, in his hand he has an alignment stick.

Tips for Effective Use

To maximize the benefits of an alignment stick, it is important to use it regularly and deliberately during training:

Vary Usage: Experiment with different positions and angles to find the settings that best address your specific in-game challenges.

Integrate into the Warm-up: Make it a routine to use sticks to check your alignment as part of your pre-round warm-up, to ensure you start with the right settings.

Seek Professional Guidance: Although alignment sticks are easy to use, a professional trainer can advise you on how to best utilize them to address your unique needs.

Despite the fact that golf equipment is becoming increasingly advanced, it turns out that simple aids such as alignment sticks still play a central role in the golfer's development. By using these tools, golfers of all skill levels can improve their technique, accuracy and consistency on the course. So the next time you head out to practice, don't forget to bring this versatile aid – your game might just be better for it.

Hazy Sticks

Hazy Sticks is a company that really stands out with its handmade alignment sticks. Their products are crafted with a passion for detail and a deep respect for the noble game of golf. Each stitch is unique, created by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques to ensure the highest possible quality. Hazy Sticks offer not only a tool for improving your golf game, but also a piece of golf's soul and history, making every practice session an experience beyond the ordinary.

LazyBird Golf from Australia

From sunny Australia comes LazyBird Golf , a company characterized by innovation and a quest for perfection. Their alignment sticks are designed with a clear understanding of the golfer's needs and challenges on the course. With a combination of modern design and functional features, LazyBird Golf offers products that not only help golfers improve their alignment, but also add an aesthetic dimension to their equipment. Their commitment to quality and design makes their products a must-have for the style-conscious golfer.

A black golf bag where only the top is visible with Alignment Sticks and clubs

Miura Golf

Miura Golf is known worldwide for its exceptionally crafted golf clubs, and their alignment sticks are no exception. These clubs are the result of years of experience and an unmatched commitment to craftsmanship in the golf industry. Crafted with the same precision and eye for detail as their famous clubs, Miura Golf offers alignment sticks that are not only a tool to improve your game, but also an expression of the true essence of golf. For the golfer who values ​​tradition, quality and precision, Miura Golf is an obvious choice.

Two alignment stitches with lobster motif.

Forewind Golf

With a unique twist on the classic golf equipment comes Forewind Golf and their "Claws Up Lobster" alignment sticks. This company has taken innovation one step further by combining practical functionality with a playful design, resulting in a product that is not only useful but also a conversation starter on the golf course. Forewind Golf's products are designed to reflect the golfer's personality while offering the precision and quality required to improve the game.

Their "Claws Up Lobster" alignment sticks are more than just a training tool; they are an expression of creativity and a passion for golf. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these sticks ensure golfers can adjust their stance, aim and swing with precision, all while keeping the game effortless and enjoyable. For the golfer who wants a combination of function and form, Forewind Golf offers a product that will light up the practice session and add a unique touch to the golf wardrobe.

A bunch of different alignment sticks in different colors, against a white background


From the heart of golf's homeland comes ScotSticks , a manufacturer whose products breathe tradition, quality and a deep commitment to the glory of the game. Based in Scotland, the cradle of golf, ScotSticks combines centuries of golf history with modern design and craftsmanship. Their alignment sticks are not just training tools; they are tributes to golf's rich heritage and its timeless values.

ScotSticks stands out through its use of locally sourced materials and traditional manufacturing methods, giving each set of alignment sticks a distinct character and authenticity. These tools are designed to bring precision and reliability to the golfer's practice, while adding a sense of history and prestige to the player's equipment. For those who appreciate the origins of golf and seek equipment that reflects this passion, ScotSticks offer a perfect blend of functionality, culture and pride.

Two BubbaWhips alignment sticks against a white background


Among the newer stars in the golf equipment sky, BubbaWhips shines brightly with its innovative approach to alignment stick design and functionality. Their commitment to innovation and quality is reflected in every product they create, with the goal of offering golfers a combination of style and performance.

BubbaWhips stand out from the crowd with their colorful and eye-catching design, which not only helps golfers improve their game but also make a statement on the course. Their products are crafted with care and precision to provide optimal ease of use and efficiency, making them an excellent choice for golfers of all levels who want to add a little extra flair to their practice. For those who value both form and function in their golf equipment, BubbaWhips offer the perfect addition.

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