Man i höstlandskap visar upp en golfhandduk som det står Brogey på.

Golf breaks the norm: From solitary sport to young people's social gathering place

Golf has always been a place where traditions and rules stood strong. It is a sport where every stroke tests both patience and precision, and where the integrity of the game is at the center – you play the ball where it lies, without embellishing reality. But how does this benefit the average golfer? We see professional players on TV or social media driving the ball 320 meters straight down the fairway, placing the ball close to the flag time and time again and recording incredibly low scores. But when was the last time you went around 68 strokes yourself?

In recent years, social media has not only changed the way we view professional golfers. They are no longer the only ones who get all the attention. Now it's just as interesting to follow the "everyman" documenting his bogeys on par-5s after missing a two-foot putt. Through increased visibility and accessibility on social media, the sport has grown, not because the players have gotten better, but because more people get to see the game as it often is – full of mistakes and challenges. This, in turn, has meant that the thresholds for starting golf have been lowered significantly. Youtubers and social media have reduced the average age of golfers and opened up the sport to new ways of playing.

picture of a golf bag with clubs and a black headcover with a skull on it.

Young adults' new social arena

Golf is increasingly turning into a social activity among young adults. We see more like-minded players, more opportunities to play in new ways and a reduced fear of swinging the club. Over time, the evolution of how golf is played continues – we will see fewer tees and pars, and more bogeys and community. New generations will change the game going forward.

New way to experience golf

While the origins of golf can be dated back to 15th century Scotland, the way we play has not changed significantly in many years. But with new technologies and a younger generation of players, this is starting to change. Golf is no longer just for the older generation. Apps, videos and new products are taking leaps and bounds into the world of golf.

This openness to news signals an exciting future for golf. With an increasingly younger player base on the horizon, we will see more innovative products and new ways to enjoy the game. The future of golf looks bright, with a growing community of players who dare to think new and break the norm.

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