Golfpiké är en klassisk och tidlös plagg

Golf pique is a classic and timeless garment

The polo shirt is not just a piece of clothing, it is a story woven of tradition, innovation and style. From the Persian polo fields to the lush greens of the golf course, the pique has a rich history as a classic and timeless garment.

From Polo to Tennis – Pikén's Historical Origins

It was horse polo that laid the foundation for the piqué design. English soldiers visiting the Indian colonies in the 19th century fell in love with the game and imported it to the British upper class. With its elegant collared design and its sturdy cotton material, the original long-sleeve polo shirt was a functional solution to the vagaries of the British climate.

But pique got its style stamp from another racket sport – tennis. René Lacoste, a legend on the tennis court, redesigned the polo shirt to suit his needs. He created a short-sleeved version with a softer collar that could be folded up to protect the neck from the sun. It was here that the small embroidered crocodile, now iconic to the Lacoste brand, made its first impression.

The Evolution of the Golf Pike and its Modern Charm

Despite its success in polo and tennis, it wasn't until the 1940s that golf embraced the polo shirt. From vests to lightweight knits, golf fashion took a leap forward to the more relaxed. And over time, the polo shirt became a symbol of the sport, loved for its combination of class and comfort.

Today we see a diversity of materials and styles. From traditional cotton to modern polyester blends that offer breathability and moisture-wicking properties, the golf polo is suitable both on and off the course. Although brands like Nike are pushing the style in a more casual direction, the classic polo remains a favorite.

Why the golf pik is still in fashion

But why has this particular shirt survived so many fashion cycles? It's about its adaptability. The golf pique works just as well in a casual business environment as on the golf course, and can easily be styled up or down. It is a master at balancing tradition with a modern feel – a true sign of timeless design.

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