Golftrender våren 2023

Golf trends spring 2023

It's our time and maybe to update your wardrobe for the upcoming golf season! Here are some tips on the latest golf trends you don't want to miss.

First of all, colorful patterns are a big trend this year. Don't be afraid to stand out with a shirt or pants in a rainbow floral pattern!

Functionality has also become a big factor in golf clothing, so consider investing in clothing made from high-tech materials that will keep you cool and dry on those hot days.

Tailored clothing is also a trend that continues to grow in the world of golf. Go to a tailor and get a shirt or pants that fit your body shape perfectly, for a professional and comfortable look.

Don't forget the accessories! Modern hats and sunglasses are perfect for updating your style, and the retro style has also made a comeback this year.

So now you have some ideas to update your golf wardrobe and rock the course in style this season. Have fun playing and don't forget to look cool on the golf course!

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