Donald Trump spelar golf, han har en röd keps och en svart pullover på sig.

Here is Donald Trump's impressive golf handicap

Donald Trump is a well-known personality in the world of golf and has a long history of playing golf. During his time as President of the United States, he spent many weekends on golf courses around the country. But it is not only as an enthusiastic golfer that he has made his mark on the sport - he has also owned several golf facilities around the world.

One of Trump's most impressive accomplishments in the world of golf is his 2.8 handicap. Handicap is a system used to measure the skill of golfers and it is based on the difference between a player's current score and expected score. The lower a player's handicap, the better the player is considered to be.

There are several sources that cite Trump's 2.8 handicap, including Golf Digest, which ranked him the 19th best celebrity golfer of 2017. Another source is the World Handicap System, which is the official handicapping system for golfers around the world . According to their website, Trump has a handicap of 2.8.

But it's not just Trump's handicap that has made him an impressive golfer. He is also known for playing golf in difficult conditions. During the 2016 blizzard Jonas, which was one of the worst blizzards in US history, Trump played a round of golf at his Virginia compound. According to reports, he was the only person golfing on the entire course that day.

Trump has also used golf as a diplomatic and business opportunity. He has played golf with several world leaders, including Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping. He has also used golf to strengthen his relationships with business partners and political allies.

In conclusion, Donald Trump is a passionate golfer and a skilled player with a handicap of 2.8. There are several sources that mention his handicap and it is a proof of his commitment to the sport.
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