Kraken Golf - Konsten att Skapa Unika Golfverktyg

Kraken Golf - The Art of Creating Unique Golf Tools

In the world of golf, where every shot counts, we at 2Gringos Golfshop are proud to present a brand new collaboration with Kraken Golf. A company that turns golf tools into small works of art, created by Marc Cordeira, a true pioneer with a unique view of golf. With a background as a machinist and a lifelong passion for golf, Marc has taken his hobby to a new level and now creates some of the most sought after golf tools on the market.

Picture of a greenslayer that looks like chalk

Marc grew up in the small town of Acushnet, Massachusetts, not far from Titleist's headquarters, where he draws daily inspiration for his craft. He combines his professional role in the software industry with his passion for developing Kraken Golf - a project he runs in the evenings. A true artist who sees his tools more as art than functional golf aids, Marc strives to challenge the traditional boundaries of golf with his creative and innovative products.

Kraken Golf is not just a product line; it's a vision to bring art and unique design to the golf course. With a portfolio that includes the Silver Eagle Crayon Divot Tool, Twilight Black Golf Divot Tool, Red Birdie Crayon Divot Tool and Yellow Crayon Divot Tool, Kraken Golf offers something out of the ordinary. Each tool is a handcrafted masterpiece, created to not only enhance the game, but also to add a personal touch to the equipment.

Image of a greenslayer that looks like a piece of chalk, or a peg and golf ball in the picture.

In a world where golf can sometimes feel conservative, Marc and Kraken Golf want to inspire change and creativity. Taking inspiration from everything from modern furniture design to motorcycles for color schemes, Marc's pursuit of minimalism and functionality shines through in every product. The tools are created with advanced CAD design and produced through careful processes such as stone and acid washing, which gives each product a unique patina.

This dedication to creativity and innovation has made Kraken Golf a sought-after brand among golf enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. The brand has also received attention from famous sports figures such as NBA players Kent Basemore and Tim Hardaway Jr., as well as NFL players Golden Tate and De'Anthony Thomas.

At 2Gringos Golfshop, we are happy and proud to be able to offer Kraken Golf's products to our customers. This collaboration is more than just a business relationship; it's an opportunity for us to share a unique art form with the golf world. We look forward to seeing how our customers will embrace these unique tools and make them part of their golf experience.

Visit our golf shop to explore the full range of Kraken Golf products and take your golf game to new creative heights. With Kraken Golf in your bag, you're not only ready to take on the challenges of the course - you do it in style.

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