Illustration av en frustrerad vit fågel som håller en bruten golfflagga i näbben, med en golfboll och det separata klubhuvudet på marken framför sig, vilket antyder ett misslyckat försök att spela golf

Music for the round of golf

This playlist is perfect for livening up the mood on the golf course and giving you the extra push they need to get through 18 holes. With a mix of classics and modern hits, this playlist will have you shaking your hips, singing along and having fun with the game. From "Eye of the Tiger" to "We Are The Champions", this playlist is full of high-energy songs that will help keep the motivation alive and make players feel like real stars on the court. So put on the playlist and enjoy a fun and entertaining round of golf with friends and family! Cartoon bird playing golf

"Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor - for when you feel like you need to ignite the spark and can't just sit around and be lazy!

"The Best" by Tina Turner - when you need to be reminded that you are the best and have what it takes to finish the game.

Close-up of black golf bag and golf clubs in the bag

in the picture The Player a magnetic speaker

"Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey - to keep the faith alive and remind you that you can get through anything!

"Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars - so you can glide around the court with style and confidence.

"I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor - when you need a reminder that you can get through anything, no matter how tough it gets.

"Jump" by Van Halen - to help you jump high and get the ball where you want!

A close up of a golf club with a custom black golf speaker with a white spade symbol, placed in a golf bag with a blurred nature background.

"Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond - a classic that's perfect for singing along to on the track and getting the mood going.

"Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and The Waves - to help you feel the sunshine and joy that comes with playing golf.

"September" by Earth, Wind & Fire - a classic that will make you shake your hips and enjoy the good vibes.

"All Star" by Smash Mouth - to remind you that you are a star and that you can make it through anything!

"Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi - another classic that will have you singing along and keeping the faith alive.

"I Want You Back" by Jackson 5 - to help you regain focus and concentration when needed.

"Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson - another classic that will have you dancing around the track and having fun.

"Smooth" by Santana ft. Rob Thomas - to help you relax and enjoy the golf course and its surroundings.

"Celebration" by Kool & The Gang - to celebrate the good times on the track and have fun with your friends.

"Shut Up and Dance" by Walk The Moon - to get you dancing around the track and having fun with the game!

"Happy" by Pharrell Williams - to spread joy and positivity on the track and have fun with your friends.

"We Are The Champions" by Queen - to celebrate victory and show off your pride and confidence after a really good round of golf.

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