Njut av Natten: Upptäck Magin med Nattgolf

Enjoy the Night: Discover the Magic of Night Golf

Golf has always been a passion for many of us. But why settle for playing only when the sun is up? At 2Gringos, we've taken golf to a whole new level and are introducing something spectacular - night golf! It's not just a new dimension to the game; it's a magical experience that combines golfing prowess with brilliant adventure.

Night Golf: A Spectacle Under the Stars Imagine standing on the tee, surrounded by darkness, and watching your ball become a sparkling shooting star as it flies through the air. Night golf isn't just golf, it's something more that can take place at your local golf course. That's when the course becomes a magical world of glowing balls, glowing flags and distance markers that illuminate the darkness.

2Gringos Night Golf Package: Experience Golf in a New Way Our exclusive night golf collection at 2Gringos offers everything you need to turn your round of golf into a brilliant adventure. Our Night Flyer Golf Balls LED Mix are not just balls; they are little stars that light up the court with every stroke. Their LED lights provide an outstanding effect and make it possible to play for hours without losing sight of the ball.

But that's not all. Our Night Flyer products also include luminous distance markers, perforated copper rings and flags. With our 2Gringos Night Golf Package, you don't just get to play golf at night; you play golf like never before. Every putt, every distance marker and every stroke becomes part of a brilliant show.

Golf Like Never Before: Enjoy Night Golf with 2Gringos So why wait until the morning? Bring your friends and family to the golf course and experience the thrill of night golf. If you're not ready for the full package, don't worry! Our luminous golf balls are also available separately and are perfect to keep in your bag if your usual round takes longer than expected. 2Gringo's Night Golf products are not just a set of products; they are an invitation to a new chapter in your golf game. Play when the sun goes down, and let your round of golf become a memory of a lifetime. Come to 2Gringos and discover the magic of night golf.

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