Golfboll som ligger precis vid golfhålet.

New at 2Gringos: Welcome Birds of Condor!

We at 2Gringos are pleased to announce that we have added a new brand to our range - Birds of Condor! This exciting brand offers a unique blend of golf equipment and apparel that both inspires and impresses.

What is a Condor?

A Condor is a hole-in-one on a Par 5, the rarest occurrence in golf. It is so rare that there are only a few recorded cases and none of these have taken place in professional golf. Also known as the Triple Eagle, it is this rare and amazing phenomenon that inspires the Birds of Condor and its logo.

Person seen from behind with golf cap and golf clothes.

The background to Birds of Condor

Birds of Condor was founded with a passion for both surfing and music. The question that set the tone for their brand was: What is golf's equivalent of a perfect wave where time seems to stand still or a melody and bass line that makes you stop? It's about those magical moments, the pure joy and out-of-body experiences that truly unite golfers – beyond a few beers and a walk with friends.

The Red Thread

After a deeper reflection, they realized that it's all about the birds! Those dreamlike moments and perfect shots that lead to a Birdie, Eagle or Albatross, all under the mighty shadow of the Condor – Triple Eagle! It was this insight that shaped both the visual and spiritual identity of Birds of Condor.

Golfer drinking beer in golf cart

A Lifestyle Inspired by Golf

Birds of Condor is built on a solid foundation that inspires a lifestyle and creative freedom to dare to go beyond boundaries. Their products are not only practical and high quality, but also an expression of a passionate and adventurous lifestyle.

What can you expect?

At 2Gringos you can now find a selection of Birds of Condor's unique golf gear and clothing. From stylish caps to innovative golf equipment - all designed to make you feel that magical connection to the game. Each product is created with the same passion and commitment that Birds of Condor stands for, and we're sure you'll love them as much as we do.

Two black headcovers for golf clubs.

Visit us today!

Come into our store or visit us online to discover Birds of Condor and all our other great products. We at 2Gringos are here to help you find the best in golf and ensure that every round is an experience out of the ordinary.

Welcome to - where the passion for golf meets quality and style!

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