Kvinna i blå golfkläder, och skärmkeps som det står Älska golf på

New Swedish Golf Brand For Women: Love Golf Inspires With Fashion And Functionality

Älska Golf, a new Swedish golf brand, targets women in the golf world by offering a unique blend of fashion, functionality and golf culture. Known for its feminine designs, the company was born out of founder Kim Tapper's frustration with the lack of attractive and well-fitting golf apparel for women. With inspiration from both high fashion and golf's rich history, Älska Golf wants women to feel both fashionable and comfortable on the golf course.

We at 2Gringos enthusiastically welcome new initiatives such as Älska Golf and look forward to following their development in golf fashion. It's refreshing to see brands challenging the status quo and enriching golf culture with style and innovation.

Winna is half-lying on the green and reads the putt
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