Organisera en Oförglömlig Golfresa med Vänner

Organize an Unforgettable Golf Trip with Friends

Imagine a peaceful Saturday, standing on the lush 18th hole of an exclusive golf course, surrounded by laughter and friendly banter among your closest friends. Handicap varies, but who's counting when you're having fun? This is what golf trips are all about.

As a golf enthusiast, I have found that weekends spent on golf courses with friends are some of the most memorable moments. However, a good golf trip requires planning. Here are some steps to organize an unforgettable golf trip:

Step 1 - Select Date
Finding a date that works for everyone in a large group can be a challenge. Start planning at least 3-4 months in advance to ensure availability for both participants and venues. Use polls in group chats to efficiently choose a date! There are several effective websites, where you can enter the dates you are available. Example Doodle

Step 2 - Location is Important
Choose a location that is not too close but also not too far. A good balance between price, quality and novelty is important. A two-hour drive is often a good measure. Be sure to choose two quality courses that are close to each other to facilitate logistics.

Step 3 - Accommodation
Once you have a short list of locations, look for suitable accommodations. A large house via AirBnB can offer the social atmosphere that is desired. If you can't find the perfect house, hotels can of course work well.

Step 4 - Extra Activities
Plan for activities beyond golf. It can be dinners, visits to local attractions or nightclubs and beaches. This contributes to the cohesion of the group.

Step 5 - Budget
Set a budget at the beginning or compile the costs at the end. Don't forget to include accommodation, golf, food, snacks, dining out, activities, transport and drinks. A "contingency budget" for unexpected expenses is also a good idea.

Step 6 Equipment

Buy the right equipment, we have beer golf gloves , liquor pipes , beer coolers , and the right golf clothes

Start the weekend in the right mood. A welcome speech and a ceremonial toast can set the tone. A 2-ball Ambrose format works well for groups of varying skill.

Do you have a story from your last golf trip? We'd love to hear it! Send us a DM with your best tips and experiences.

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