Två personer befinner sig på en strand, mannen på bilden har golfkläder på sig och en golfbag med sig på stranden.

Dad jokes that you can use during your next round of golf!

Golf is a sport that requires focus and concentration, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun at the same time. Joking around with friends and fellow players can make a round of golf much more entertaining. Here are some bad dad jokes to use during your next round… or not:
Two people in a hammock, the man is wearing golf clothes while the woman is wearing swimwear, the clothes have the same pattern

"Why are there so many wheelchair users on the golf course? - They are trying to reduce their handicap!"

"Why does the golfer carry an extra sock out on the golf course?
In case he gets a hole in one"

"The quiz competition at the golf club was decided by a knockout question".

"- Why did the golfer just collapse in the middle of the course?
- He had a stroke!"

"The golfer who went to the swingers club and ended up under par..."

"Why was Hitler so bad at golf? -He never came out of the bunker"

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Det ryktas om en ny Bond film, där handlingen kretsar kring en kvinnlig golfspelare.
Den ska heta ”Golf-Inger”.


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