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Shankit Golf introduces a new line of golf balls: SHANKSOFT+ Urethane

Shankit Golf have recently launched their latest product, the SHANKSOFT+ 3 Piece Urethane Golf Balls, marking an exciting addition to their already impressive range. These golf balls are designed to offer golfers of all levels both performance and style, perfectly suited for the game on the green.

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About SHANKSOFT+ 3 Piece Urethane Golf Balls

Each box contains a dozen balls, constructed in three parts from a durable urethane material. This construction is not only robust, but also designed to provide a mid-level spin that helps control shots onto the green. The properties of the urethane contribute to both feel and durability, making these balls an excellent choice for golfers looking to improve their game.

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Designs and Variations

Shankit Golf stands out not only for its quality but also for its unique and fun designs. This new line includes four different variants:

  • 3 Putt King Golf Balls: Perfect for the golfer who wants to tackle the challenges on the green with a twinkle in his eye.
  • Legalize Mulligans Golf Balls: A must have for the player who appreciates a second chance.
  • You Suck Golf Balls: For days when golf is more humor than precision.
  • Skull Golf Balls: A favorite for those who want to add an extra tough touch to their golf equipment.
Image of golf ball package with text "3 putt king""


We at 2Gringos are proud to announce that these exciting new golf balls will soon be available for purchase. For those interested in adding the SHANKSOFT+ balls to their golf bag, visit our golf shop 2Gringos Golf Balls where they will soon be available for pre-order.

Image of golf ball package with a golf ball in front with the text Legalize Mulligans

With Shankit Golf's new golf balls, you can not only improve your game on the course but also do it in style. Whether you're looking for control, feel or just want a golf ball that expresses your personality, Shankit Golf has you covered. Join us at 2Gringos to be among the first to catch these new additions to your golf arsenal!

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