Närbild på en golfspelares hand som greppar en golfklubba, med en vit golfhandske prydd med ölglas och logotypen med korslagda golfklubbor och en golfboll, mot en bakgrund av en golfbana.

Treat yourself to your next beer golf with our humorous and functional products

The next round of beer golf with the boys is upon us, and it's time to stock up on the perfect products for a memorable day on the golf course. A product that will definitely set the style and create the right mood is our Beer Golf Glove.

This glove is made of high-quality Cabretta leather that guarantees both comfort and durability during your rounds of golf. But it's the unique and humorous print that really stands out. The glove gives you a festive and relaxed feeling while you can bring your favorite drink to the golf course and enjoy the game in style. The printing is of high quality and will last a long time without fading or wearing off.

To sneak beer onto any golf course, we also have the perfect accessory -the golf cooler . This 7-compartment beer case slides smoothly into most standard golf bags and completely hides your beers. With its insulated construction and non-slip surface, this cool bag keeps your drinks cold throughout the round. You can be sure that your beer will stay chilled and ready to be enjoyed when you need it most.

To keep your drinks extra cold in the cooler, we also have cooling clamps that are perfectly designed to fit between the cans in your beer cooler bag. Each pack contains 7 ice cubes which extend the time your drinks stay cold. With these coolers, you can be sure that your beer will stay refreshing even during the hottest rounds of golf.

And for an extra fun twist during the round, we have the SHOTTEE GOLF TEE , the first and only golf club designed specifically for you to 'shotgun' straight off the tee! With this unique peg design, you can easily puncture a can, swing the ball away and enjoy a quick sip of beer at the same time. This is the perfect accessory for a really fun round with the golf buddies and will definitely impress them.

Express your Broken Clubs Club membership with our unique golf ball stamp - A perfect solution to remember your ball on beer golf! As it is not always easy to remember which ball you hit with after a number of beers.

Finally, we have the Somebody's Closer Ball Marker , a distinctive Happy Gilmore-style ball marker. This magnetic marker is perfect for displaying your personal style on the golf course and fits on all flat magnetic clips. With this marker you can add an extra touch of humor and personality to your game.

So be sure to be well-equipped with these fun and functional products for the next round of beer golf with the lads. It will definitely be a memorable day full of laughter, skillful strokes and fellowship.

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