Titleist Pro V1x 2023 – En detaljerad granskning av 2Gringos

Titleist Pro V1x 2023 - A detailed review by 2Gringos

When it comes to golf balls, Titleist's Pro V1x is a household name among golf enthusiasts. With the 2023 update of this popular ball, it was with excitement that we at 2Gringos set out to test how it performs on the golf course. Although we're a little late, given that the year is coming to an end, we think it's better late than never.

The latest Pro V1x, which is intended for players looking for higher ball flight and increased spin, as well as a slightly firmer feel than the Pro V1, has already made its way onto the tour. Curious about the improvements, we took out both the new and previous models to see how they stack up against each other.

The biggest change in the Pro V1x 2023 is a new high-gradient 'Dual-Core' construction. This design means that the core of the ball gradually becomes softer the closer you get to the center. In the Pro V1x, the inner core has been increased by 44%, which, according to Titleist's engineers, should reduce spin in long shots to increase speed and provide a more stable flight.

During our tests both on the range and at Sundsta Golf Club, we compared both versions of the Pro V1x and also tested Titleist's new Pro V1 2023. What stood out about the new Pro V1x was a slight reduction in spin compared to the previous generation, but a more noticeable increase in ball speed. The strokes the low handicapper in the group completed on the launch monitor with the new ball showed an average gain of approximately 1.8 meters in carry distance.

When it came to the comparison with the new Pro V1, the Pro V1x had a slightly higher throw and reached about 1.8 meters higher in maximum height. The higher ball flight with the Pro V1x was also evident when hitting the 7-iron, where the peak height averaged about 3.7 meters higher. For players who typically have low spin on their shots, this can translate to a steeper descent angle and thus more stopping power on the greens. Players with high spin, on the other hand, may find the extra escape to be too much.

Furthermore, the tests on short pitch shots of around 45.7 meters showed that both new Pro V1 versions produced slightly more spin than their predecessors, although the difference was marginal.

What really stood out though was when we played 18 holes on a windy day. Ball flight was impressively stable and performance in my approach and tee games was outstanding, despite the challenging conditions.

The differences between the two generations may not be revolutionary, but the improvements are noticeable. The increase in carry distance both off the tee and onto the green was particularly welcome and did not come at the expense of ball control – a crucial factor when choosing a golf ball.

With a higher ball flight and more spin, the Titleist Pro V1x 2023 is a ball that offers a finesse well worth considering for the serious golfer looking for that little extra in both distance and accuracy.

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