Karikatyrliknande markör föreställande en figur med gyllene skägg och solglasögon, med en reflektion av en golfbana i glasögonen, isolerad mot en vit bakgrund.

Top 5 Best Golf Ball Markers 2023

Finding the right golf ball marker can be a fun and personal detail that adds extra character to your golf round. To help you choose the most unique and entertaining markers, we at 2Gringos have scouted the market for the past year and compiled a list of the best golf ball markers for 2023. These markers will add an extra touch of humor and style to your playing experience. Let's dive into our top 5 list!

A golf ball marker of a crushed blue drink can with a cigarette on top, against a white background.

Crushed Can Golf Ball Marker:

For those who want to stand out on the golf course, the Crushed Can Golf Ball Marker from 2Gringos offers a fun and original twist. It's shaped like a squashed beer can, giving it a playfully relaxed vibe. By simply attaching this marker to your ball, you will amaze and amuse your fellow players and friends.

White golf ball with 'Pins & Aces Golf Co.' logo next to a playful copper colored marker in the shape of a hand pointing the middle finger, on a synthetic turf.

Middle Finger Golf Ball Marker:

If you have a playful side and want to show it on the course, the Middle Finger Golf Ball Marker is a perfect choice. With this marker in the shape of an outstretched middle finger (fuck you) you will definitely attract attention and get a few laughs along the way. Be prepared for smiles and maybe even a little jealousy from your fellow players.

A lego-looking marker dressed in a black suit with an emblem of Batman in front of a white golf ball labeled 'A GOLF THING', stands on a synthetic green lawn.

Lego Batman Golf Ball Marker:
For fans of the iconic Lego Batman figure, this marker is a must have. The Lego Batman Golf Ball Marker is a colorful and detailed representation of the superhero. It adds a playful and charming touch to your round of golf while showing off your love for Batman and Lego.

A hand wearing a white golf glove shows a playful brown and white marker in the shape of an emoji on the palm, against a blurred gray background.

Poop Golf Ball Marker:
Do you want a marker that creates laughter and arouses curiosity? The Poop Golf Ball Marker is a quirky and humorous choice. Shaped like a poop sausage, it's sure to get your fellow players laughing and talking. This marker is perfect for those who don't take themselves too seriously and want a relaxed and fun atmosphere on the course.

A white golf ball with a blue and pink splash design and the text 'A GOLF THING' atop a character marker depicting a monkey wearing an orange cap and sweater, stands on a synthetic green turf field.

Bored Rickie NFT Golf Ball Marker:
For those interested in digital trends and cryptocurrencies, we have the Bored Rickie NFT Golf Ball Marker. Inspired by the popular NFT world, this marker shows a bored monkey. With this marker you show your modern and trendy side while radiating a relaxed attitude on the court.

These five golf ball markers from 2Gringos offer a unique and fun touch to your golf experience. Whether you choose a squashed can, an extended middle finger, Lego Batman, a poo sausage or a bored monkey, these markers are sure to attract attention and make you stand out on the course. Add some extra fun and personality to your golf game with any of these great golf ball markers.

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