Upptäck Banan Med Ny Teknologi från Blue Tees

Discover the Course With New Technology from Blue Tees

The world of golf is about to change thanks to the innovative products from Blue Tees. This leading manufacturer of golf equipment has launched two ground-breaking products that not only enhance your playing experience but also revolutionize the way you navigate the course.

The Player is a wireless speaker that not only gives you an incredible sound experience, but is also equipped with a powerful built-in magnetic strip. This magnet allows you to easily attach the speaker to the golf cart, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music or podcasts while you play. With superior sound, power bank functionality, the possibility of dual connections and a range of up to 30 meters, you won't miss a thing with The Player .

For those seeking technical precision, Blue Tees has developed the Series 3 Max Rangefinder , which has already been named Golf Editors' Choice. This rangefinder is equipped with advanced technology, including active slope switch, automatic ambient display, advanced flag lock, pulse vibration and a crystal clear display. The built-in magnetic strip makes it easy to quickly attach the rangefinder to your cart, which gives you accurate distance information up to 830 meters. It is also waterproof and built to withstand all weather conditions.

With Blue Tees' new technology, each round of golf becomes not only a sporting activity but also an experience in itself. Explore the course in a new way, bring your favorite music and get accurate distance information with these cutting-edge products. Visit your nearest golf store today and discover the future of golf with Blue Tees.

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