Förpackning med texten 'BLANDADE BOLLAR, 12 ST ÅTERVUNNA GOLFBOLLAR' som visar tre synliga vita golfbollar genom ett fönster, omgiven av stiliserade träd och golfmotiv på brun kartongbakgrund. Floridabollar

Discover Florida balls at 2Gringos - Your Green Choice for Golf!

Tired of spending a fortune on golf balls? Do you want to play with quality without emptying your wallet? Then we at 2Gringos have exactly what you need - our fantastic 12-pack of Florida balls!

What Are Florida Balls?
Florida balls are not only a smart choice for your wallet, they are also a step towards a greener golfing experience. These balls, whose name originates from sunny Florida, are recycled golf balls. Many of them are distance balls, perfect for those who want to hit longer and straighter. And believe it or not, many of these balls are still in top condition!

Why Choose Florida balls from 2Gringos?

  1. Value for money : Our Florida balls offer an unbeatable combination of quality and price. You get more golf for your money!

  2. Environmentally friendly : By choosing reused balls, you contribute to reduced new production and help keep nature free from plastic waste.

  3. Quality mix : Our 12-packs contain balls from well-known brands such as Top-Flite, Strata, Wilson and Pinnacle. You get an exciting mix of balls that suit different playing styles.

  4. Perfect for Training : With these balls in your bag, you can train more and worry less about balls disappearing in the water or the forest.

Why are they called Florida balls?
The name comes from Florida where the concept of collecting and reusing discarded golf balls first emerged. It's an idea that has spread across the world, and now you can be a part of this smart and sustainable trend!

Who Are Florida Balls Suitable For?
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player who wants a cost-effective solution for practice and play, Florida balls are an excellent choice. They are particularly suitable for players who want to focus on the game rather than the mark on the ball.

Make An Environmentally Friendly Choice Today!
By choosing Florida balls from 2Gringos, you are not only making a smart financial investment, you are also contributing to a more sustainable golf culture. Let us help you fill your training bag with quality and environmental awareness. Visit us at 2Gringos Golfshop to get your 12-pack of Florida balls today! read more here

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