Upptäck fördelarna med brevlådeklubbar inom golfen

Discover the benefits of letterbox clubs in golf

Letterbox clubs, also known as "green fee memberships," can cause controversy among golfers. But these clubs serve an important function in the sport of golf, offering economical options for players with varying playing habits. Read on to learn more about the concept and discover some of Sweden's best letterbox clubs for 2023.

When you join a letterbox club or buy a green fee membership, you usually do so when you are unsure of how much golf you will play during the year or if you expect to play relatively infrequently. The concept is that instead of paying large amounts for a membership where you can play as much as you want, you can buy a cheaper membership and pay green fees the few times you actually play. This provides financial benefits to those who do not play golf regularly.

Here are some of Sweden's letterbox clubs for 2023:

  1. Cloud golf club SEK 345
  2. Vinbergs GK - Price: SEK 375
  3. Happy golfer Stockholm SEK 385
  4. Breaks GK SEK 380
  5. Kiladalen's GK - Price: SEK 495, includes 1 nine-hole green fee.
  6. Sparren GK - Price: SEK 595, includes 1 green fee ticket.
  7. Kungälv-Kode GK - Price: SEK 690, includes 1 green fee ticket.
  8. Mölndals GK - Price: SEK 695
  9. Lycke Golf & Country Club - Price: SEK 750
  10. Bråvikens GK - Price: SEK 795, includes 1 green fee ticket.

In conclusion, it is important to choose a letterbox club that suits one's own playing habits and financial situation. These clubs are primarily designed for golfers who play relatively infrequently during a season. If you play golf frequently, in most cases it can be more economical to become a member of a "real" club.

No matter what type of membership you choose, letterbox clubs offer a flexible and cost-effective opportunity for golfers to enjoy the sport without having to commit to a traditional membership. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, there are options for everyone in the world of golf.

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