Urban Golf – Golf för Alla i Stadsmiljö

Urban Golf – Golf for Everyone in an Urban Environment

We at 2Gringos are not only passionate about golf, we are also constantly looking for new and exciting ways to enjoy the game. That's why we want to introduce you to Urban Golf - a modern, exciting and inclusive variant of traditional golf that is perfectly suited to the urban environment. All you need is a tennis ball and an old golf club.

Our Experience with Urban Golf

We recently hit the streets to test Urban Golf for ourselves. Without any expensive green fees or strict dress codes, armed with our worst and oldest golf clubs and a collection of alternative balls, took us around Norrtälje's industrial estates. The result? A fantastic mix of laughs, challenges and completely new golf experiences.

What Makes Urban Golf So Special?

Urban Golf breaks traditional norms and takes golf to streets, parks and industrial areas. It's a playful variation of golf, where you use the city's own elements as part of the game. You might aim to hit a lamp post, a park bench or roll the ball over a curb. The important thing is not your score, but the experience and joy of the game.

Flexible Rules for Maximum Freedom

One of the biggest advantages of Urban Golf is its flexibility. There are no hard-and-fast rules, giving players the freedom to create their own gameplay. This makes the game accessible to everyone, regardless of experience. We at 2Gringos love this concept, as it encourages creativity and self-expression – something that is close to our hearts. You get to bring out your creativity and your childish mind.

During our Urban Golf day in Norrtälje, we encountered everything from curious spectators to unexpected obstacles. Each stroke was a story in itself, and we found ourselves laughing at the most unexpected and creative solutions. This is the essence of Urban Golf – creating joy and community through a shared passion for golf, but with a fresh breath of urban dynamism.

Urban Golf International and Local

From its roots in Berlin in the 90s to today's global reach, Urban Golf has become a symbol of creativity and social inclusion in the sport. Each city gives the game its own unique touch, and it's exciting to see how different cultures adapt the game to their own environments.

Why Urban Golf and 2Gringos?

Urban Golf and 2Gringos share a common philosophy – to make golf accessible, entertaining and relevant to the modern player. We believe in breaking barriers and creating new ways to experience golf. Urban Golf is not just a sport, it's a lifestyle, and we at 2Gringos are proud to be a part of this movement.

So, whether you're an experienced golfer or just someone curious to try something new, why not give Urban Golf a try? And remember, the next time you see someone with a golf club in the middle of town, it could very well be a member of our 2Gringos family enjoying a round of Urban Golf.

For more inspiration and to see Urban Golf in action, visit our YouTube channel where we share our adventures. And don't forget to check out our store to find the perfect golf gear with attitude for your next urban adventure!

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