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What is required to start your own golf club in Sweden according to the Swedish Golf Association.

Starting your own golf club can be an exciting and challenging task. In order to ensure that you meet the requirements set and can run a golf club in a professional manner, it is important that you follow the guidelines set by the Swedish Golf Association (SGF).
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Here are some of the things that you need to take into account when starting your own golf club in Sweden:

  • Register a non-profit association with the Swedish Tax Agency

To start your own golf club, you must first register a non-profit association with the Tax Agency. This is for the club to have a formal structure and be able to handle membership, finances and other matters in an organized manner.

  • Meet the requirements of a golf facility

To be able to start a golf club, you must have access to a golf facility that meets the requirements that SGF sets for golf courses. This includes requirements for the number of holes, maintenance, tees and green areas. You also need to have access to equipment and personnel who can manage the operation of the golf course.

  • Have at least 50 members

To become a full member of SGF, a golf club must have at least 50 members. This is a minimum requirement for the club to be considered a representative organization for the sport of golf in Sweden.

  • Apply for membership in the Swedish Golf Association

Once you have registered your non-profit association and meet the requirements for a golf facility and number of members, you can apply for membership in SGF. This means that the club will become part of SGF's network of golf clubs in Sweden.

  • Follow rules and guidelines from SGF

When you are a member of SGF, you are bound to follow the rules and guidelines that SGF sets up for golf clubs in Sweden. This includes ethical guidelines, reporting member information and statistics, and following the rules of golf on the course.

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Starting your own golf club can be a challenge, but by following the guidelines and requirements set by the Swedish Golf Association, you can ensure that you run a golf club that meets high quality standards and is part of a larger community of golf clubs in Sweden.

In Sweden, it is not common to have golf clubs that are not affiliated with the Swedish Golf Association (SGF). A golf club that is not affiliated with the SGF is not approved as an official golf club, which means that the members of the club cannot play official golf matches, participate in competitions, nor can they make use of the SGF trainings or benefits. In addition, a golf club that is not affiliated with the SGF may miss important updates and information regarding safety, etiquette and other rules important to the responsible practice of the sport of golf.

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