En hand iklädd en vit golfhandske håller en vit golfboll märkt 'TOUR360' ovanför ett golfhål på en välklippt green, med en golfklubba och markeringsknapp i bakgrunden.

Choosing the Right Golf Ball: A Guide to the Best Game

The golf ball – the invisible companion that faithfully follows every stroke on the golf course. Choosing the right ball can be crucial to your score. In this guide, we go through different ball categories and give you insights into which ball suits your playing style best.

Tour balls:
Tour balls are for the most skilled golfers who compress the ball maximally at impact. They have multiple layers inside the shell for optimal control. Their compression, usually between 90-110, suits players with high club speed. Tour balls give best results on short shots, with higher spin for precision.

Examples of Tour balls: Titleist Pro V1, Taylor Made TP5, Srixon Z-Star.

With a compression of 50-80, spin/control balls are perfect for the average golfer. Their ability to compress gives good spin, and they work well on both short and long shots. They provide less side spin and are an affordable and versatile choice for the majority of golfers.

Examples of spin/control balls: Titleist Tour Speed, Mizuno RB 566, Bridgestone E12 Contact.

Distance balls:
Distance balls are designed for length and softness. With a compression below 50 and larger core, they provide extra length and less spin in the air. They are perfect for players with lower swing speed and help straighten out side spin.

Examples of distance balls: Wilson Duo Soft.

Women's balls are soft and gentle with a focus on the swing speed of the women's player. Similar in construction and behavior to distance balls, they provide a comfortable feel on all strokes, including putting.

Examples of women's balls: Taylor Made Kalea, Wilson Duo Soft Lady.

Some buying tips:

Personal preference: What's best for the star players on TV isn't always what's best for you. Try different models and dare to try softer balls.

Find your favorite: Once you find a model you like, stick with it. It provides continuity and increased understanding of the ball's behavior.

Play with fresh balls: Older balls can negatively affect your game. Fresh balls give better feel and wear less on your clubs.

The choice of golf ball is critical to your game. By understanding different ball categories and their characteristics, you can find the perfect ball for your playing style. Try, explore and see how your game improves when you play with the ball that suits you best.

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