Varför finns det ingen golföl på Systembolaget?

Why is there no golf beer at Systembolaget?

Why is there no golf beer at Systembolaget? Swedish rules prevent the use of sports-related labels

Abroad, there are many breweries and distilleries that have embraced the golf theme and named their drinks with creative names like "19th hole" and the like. But in Sweden it is a completely different story. Despite the popularity of golf in the country and the many enthusiastic golfers, it is difficult to find any drinks with a specific golf connection at Systembolaget. Why is it like that?

The reason lies in the rules that Systembolaget follows when it comes to approving labels for alcoholic beverages. According to these rules, it is not allowed to use labels that allude to sports-related activities. This means that breweries and distilleries in Sweden are not allowed to name their products with direct references to golf, even though it could be an attractive marketing strategy to reach out to golf enthusiasts.

These rules and restrictions around labels have created a situation where there are no specific golf beers at Systembolaget. Despite the fact that golf and golf courses are often associated with social activities and subsequent socializing where drinks are an important part, there has been no range of golf-themed drinks for Swedish golfers to choose from.

In other countries, breweries and distilleries have found creative ways to attract golfers by naming and marketing their drinks with golf associations. There are even drinks with special flavors and names that reflect the atmosphere and culture of golf. But due to the rules around labels and the alcohol legislation, this type of product has not been given space on the Swedish market.

Systembolaget assesses and reviews thousands of labels for cans and bottles every year, and it is rare that the labels are not approved. Only about 100-150 of them need to be adjusted in some way, either through changes in the illustrations or the names of the products. In some cases, images or names may be considered associated with situations or activities that should not be glorified or linked to alcohol consumption under the Alcohol Act.

Judging what is considered acceptable or unacceptable etiquette is not always an easy task. It is a complex process that includes an overall assessment of illustrations, names and any attributes on the label. Systembolaget follows guidelines from the Swedish Consumer Agency, but clearer guidelines would facilitate the assessment of labels and avoid possible doubts.

Thus, due to the rules and restrictions around alcohol-related labels, Swedish breweries and distilleries are not able to offer specific golf beers on Systembolaget. For Swedish golf enthusiasts who want to enjoy a golf-inspired drink, they can look for alternatives abroad where golf-themed breweries and distilleries offer a wider range of products.

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