Bild på serieslipp tre delar med en arg fågel som misslyckas med puttandet och bryter golfklubban

Why we at 2Gringos suck at golf (and why it's awesome!)

Hello all golf loving souls and especially to those of you who, like us at 2Gringos, can't exactly call you golf champions. Today is the time to embrace our inner golf zero and explore why we suck at golf. So let's grab our clubs and hit the ball with a big dose of self-awareness and humor!

Reason 1: Our unique swing style makes the pros laugh out loud When we're standing there on the tee with club in hand, it's like we're trying to dance ballet while juggling apples. Our swing is a unique combination of grace and chaos that would make golf professionals drop their jaws. But you know what? We are like comedy princes on the golf course, spreading laughter and joy with every swing we take. Who needs perfection when you can offer entertainment? We are golf's champions of laughter!

Reason 2: Our putts are like magic tricks When we try to putt, it's as if the ball has a mind of its own and decides to do whatever it wants. It can skip the hole, roll the wrong way, or maybe even stop in the middle of the green as if it were a walking art installation. But you know what? We are masters at creating excitement and surprises on the green. Who needs predictability when you can offer a magical performance? We are the wizards of golf!

Reason 3: We have a knack for hitting everything but the ball When we aim at the ball, it's as if everything else around us becomes magnetic. We can hit trees, bushes, birds and even invisible targets, but the ball remains safe and secure in its place. But you know what? We are like explorers of the unknown, and by hitting everything but the ball, we open the doors to new adventures and discoveries on the golf course. We are golf's explorers!

Reason 4: We have a unique ability to confuse everyone around us When we play golf, it becomes like a mystery to our fellow players and even to ourselves. We can get lost on the course, forget which club we used last, or even stand and wonder if we're on the right hole. But you know what? We are like the riddles of golf, always ready to surprise and confuse. Who needs logic when you can offer bewilderment? We are the enigmatic masters of golf!

Cartoon image of an angry white bird with a golf club in its beak, next to a golf ball and a broken golf club head on the ground, illustrating comical frustration over a failed golf shot.

So there we have it, dear friends at 2Gringos. We suck at golf, and it's actually great. We embrace our unique skills and spread joy, laughter and confusion on the golf course. So let's put on our angriest golf caps, give our clubs a loving pat and continue to enjoy the game with all our charm and enthusiasm.

Have a great time out there on the golf course, 2Gringos style, and remember that even though we suck at golf, we do it with a big dose of joy and laughter!

So that's why we have chosen to create our new collection which is being manufactured right now. Broken Club Clubs. Hope you're looking forward to this as much as we are!

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