Sex stycken golfare med färgglada golfkläder står uppradade på en golfbana.

Where does the word golf come from?

Where does the game of golf get its name? The etymological origin of the word "golf" can be traced back to the old Scottish word "golf", which refers to a club or stick. This sporting activity has its roots in Scotland during the 15th century, where it was first performed on the vast and open fields that characterized the landscape. The game was originally called "gowf" in the Scottish dialect, a word that with time and the development of the language was transformed into the current "golf" in English.

The term "golf" began to gain wider use in the 17th century, at the same time as the sport's popularity began to grow in England and the rest of the world. "Golf" has since become a worldwide term for this sport, which today is practiced on golf courses around the world. Although the sport has undergone significant changes and development over the centuries, the name "golf" has endured. It stands as a legacy to the sport's rich history and its Scottish past.

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