Vi testar vår nya golfhandske: Skins Golf Handske

We test our new golf glove: Skins Golf Glove

When 2Gringos recently expanded its range with the Skins Golf Tour Edition gloves, a new entrant in the premium golf glove segment, it was with great anticipation that the team conducted an extensive test to evaluate their performance on the course.

Style Meets Function on the Green

This newcomer to the market stands out from the crowd with its eye-catching design elements. The gloves are made of AAA cabretta leather, traditionally white but with vibrant patterns and prints that add a personal touch. From peaceful symbols to auspicious casino motifs, we tested, among other things, the popular Moon Golf Tour Edition model.

First impression

A golf glove should fit like a glove, and that's exactly what Skins Golf promises. During testing, we found that size Medium provided an almost perfect fit. The slightly shorter thumb was noticeable, but not in a way that interfered with play. With an elastic part over the knuckles, excess material is reduced and comfort is maintained during all movements.

Quality that Feels

At first use, it is hard to miss the softness of the leather and the delicious new smell. The premium feeling conveyed is a result of careful selection of materials and workmanship. This feeling is transferred directly to the grip of the club – both soft and firm.

Comfort and Breathability

Comfort is of the utmost importance, and with small ventilation holes and stretch fabric in the fingers, the glove adapts to the hand while allowing the skin to breathe. It's a glove designed to last through long rounds on the course.

Endurance on the Test

Our review showed that the glove has a good resistance, comparable to other leading leather gloves on the market. Light wear after several uses indicates a reasonable lifespan, especially if the glove is well cared for.

An Environmentally Friendly Step

Skins Golf also takes responsibility for the environment. For every glove sold, a tree is planted, and the product is delivered in a resealable bag to protect and extend the glove's use.

Why We Do the Test

As a new product in 2Gringo's range, it is important for us to experience the glove's quality and function for ourselves. By testing the product, we can confidently recommend it to our customers and guarantee that they will receive a glove that not only enhances their game, but also reflects their individual style.


Skins Golf has introduced a glove that not only meets the highest expectations but also adds an extra dimension of style on the golf course. The test carried out by 2Gringos confirms that it is an investment worth considering for the golf enthusiast who values ​​quality and a personal touch.

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