2Gringo's Golf Trip to Åland: An Exciting Weekend of Party, Music, Community and Golf

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Pack your clubs and charge up for an unforgettable trip to the green oasis in the Baltic Sea! On our exclusive golf trip to Åland, you not only get to experience some of the best golf courses in the region, but also enjoy a weekend filled with joy, music and laughter. We start our journey with an early morning and an exciting ferry ride over to Åland, where we are awaited by challenging golf courses and a festival feeling that fills the air. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, you will enjoy our courses and create lifelong memories. All strokes will count as we will have golf competitions during the trip. After the days on the green, evenings filled with musical experiences and the pulse of the nightlife in Mariehamn await. So pack your best golf game and party mood - see you on 2Gringo's Golf Trip to Åland! 🏌️‍♂️🎶🥳

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Day 1:

One early morning we gather in Norrtälje for an epic journey to Åland. After a short minibus journey and a lovely laugh-filled ferry ride across the Baltic Sea, where you can fill up your bag with drinks at taxi-free, listen to the entertainment in the bar. We arrive at Eckerö Golf. Here we are met by the green golf course that stretches as far as the eye can see. Eckerö Golf is not only a place for professionals, it is a place for everyone who loves golf and adventure. With four different tees, we all get the chance to challenge ourselves and have fun on the course.

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After a day filled with golf adventures, we move on to Mariehamn. We check in at the cozy Park Alandia Hotel, a stone's throw from the festival area. After a quick refreshment, it's time for the Rockoff, where we eat dinner on our own and dance the night away to great music. Mariehamn's nightlife sweeps us in like a warm summer breeze, and we enjoy every moment. Mariehamn is truly a summer town and the town is at its absolute best during Rockoff.

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Day 2:

We start the day with a delicious breakfast at the hotel and have some free time to explore Mariehamn. For those who need to recuperate, there are plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the beautiful city. Then we take the bus to the Åland Golf Club, a golf paradise in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

Two fantastic 18-hole courses await you at the Åland Golf Club. We start with a putting competition, then we play the Castle course. Here we get to challenge our golf skills and enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds us. After an exciting round of golf, we return to the hotel to get ready for another night at the Rockoff. The artists will soon be revealed and we look forward to another magical evening filled with music and joy.

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Day 3:

After a good night's sleep and a delicious breakfast, it's time to say goodbye to Åland. We take the bus towards the ferry camp and board the ferry back to Sweden. During the ferry journey we have the chance to visit the duty free shop and enjoy the entertainment on board. It is a perfect end to our unforgettable golf trip to Åland.

Included in the package:

  • Bus journey from Norrtälje with the possibility of free parking and pick-up in Älmsta.
  • Return tickets with the Eckerö line.
  • Green fee at Eckerö Golf.
  • Lighter meal after Ecker round.
  • Share in a double room at the charming Park Alandia Hotel for two nights.
  • Good breakfasts at the hotel.
  • 2-day festival pass to Rockoff.
  • Green fee on the Slottsbanan at Åland Golf Club.
  • Exciting internal competition to spice up the golf competition.
  • 2Gringo's guide

More information about Rockoffen: Coming back as soon as we know 2024 artists.

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More information about the hotel:

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Why should we stay at Park Alandia Hotell during your golf trip to Åland? The answer is simple: for the unparalleled tranquility, the high-class comfort and the unbeatable proximity to the center and the Rockoff.

At Park Alandia Hotell, you can expect more than just a room to stay in - a genuine feeling of homeliness and a warm, family atmosphere are offered here. Located in the middle of Mariehamn, the hotel is a peaceful oasis next door to the verdant linden trees in the esplanade. At the same time, you have the city's vibrant shopping and entertainment within easy reach.

Park Alandia strives to make your stay memorable in every way. You will be greeted by comfortable rooms and an atmosphere imbued with warmth and care.

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Start the day with our delicious Åland breakfast buffet In their bar you can enjoy a bistro menu, good company and live music every Wednesday to Saturday.

And best of all, we always include free WiFi so you can stay in touch with your loved ones, a refreshing morning sauna and access to our pool for extra relaxation.

So relax, feel at home and let Park Alandia Hotell be the base for your adventure on Åland. 🌟🏨

Information about the golf courses:

Picture of grass from golf course, far away golfers can be seen at a bunker.

Eckerö Golf: A Scenic Challenge for All Levels of Play

Welcome to Eckerö Golf, where nature and golf merge in perfect harmony. This beautiful 18-hole course sweeps through a scenic forest and field environment, surrounded by woods, bunkers and ponds that give the course its character. This is not just a golf course; it's an experience where every hole challenges your skill and rewards your patience.

Eckerö Golf has created four different tees on each hole to suit players of all levels. In total, the course stretches from 3300 meters (tee 1) to an impressive 5800 meters (tee 4). For those who don't hit the ball that far, this isn't just about distance, it's about the joy of the game. The course's varied green areas make every putt an exciting challenge – fast, even greens and tough drainage areas provide a golfing experience beyond the ordinary.

The track itself is a walk in paradise. The first nine holes are surrounded by Åland farming landscapes and the last nine take you through an enchanting forest course bordered by pine forest and moorlands. Here you can also be close to nature and discover its rich wildlife – from pheasants and deer to majestic sea eagles and mysterious ponds.

When you've finished playing a round, you can relax and enjoy a break at the reception kiosk, where coffee, ice cream, beer and sandwiches await. Eckerö Golf is more than a golf course; it is a place where the passion for the game meets the beauty of nature. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or elite golfer, Eckerö Golf is ready to welcome you to an extraordinary golf experience. Welcome to a golf trip you won't soon forget! ⛳🌳🦌🦅

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Åland Golf Club – Castle Course: A Royal Golf Experience by the Baltic Sea

Welcome to the Åland Golf Club, the paradise for golf lovers in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Here at Slottsbanan we play, a course that is not just a golf course but a journey through history and the beauty of nature.

The castle course at Åland Golf Club is not just a golf course; it is a story of royal elegance and the magnificence of the surroundings. This 18-hole course takes you through a variety of wooded and open holes that challenge your skill and reward your eye with breathtaking views of the castle and the ever-present sea.

Here, where King Gustav Vasa once had his hunts, we have created a course that both challenges and enchants. The castle course hosted the Ladies European Tour in 2022, and every hole is a chance to experience golf at its most regal.

So hit your shot on the Slottsbanan and let yourself be fascinated by the beat of history and the beauty of nature. Åland Golf Club welcomes you to a golf experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Welcome to a royal tour at the pearl of the Baltic Sea! ⛳🏰🌊

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This is not just a golf trip; it is a chance to create lifelong memories, to spend time with friends and new acquaintances, and to experience the wonderful atmosphere of Åland. We are ready to create an adventure together, filled with golf, party and fellowship. Welcome to 2Gringo's golf trip to Åland - where dreams of perfect golf shots and unforgettable moments come true.

The trip is for Broken Clubs Club members only.

Email us at info@2gringos.se for registration of interest.