BCC Tour 2024

BCC Tour 2024: An Epic Digital Golf Competition

Welcome to the BCC Tour 2024 , the epic golf competition that breaks the boundaries of traditional golf competitions. As a proud representative of Broken Clubs Club, we introduce a competition that is completely digital and developed to suit all enthusiasts.

Competition format:
The BCC Tour 2024 is divided into three exciting legs spanning almost the entire season, from May 1st to September 29th. This competition structure gives participants the opportunity to challenge themselves and their opponents over an extended period of time. Each competition is played via the Golf Game Book app and you can participate wherever you are in our beautiful long country.

Total Points and Raffles:
Contestants will compete for the prestigious title of BCC Tour Champion 2024. Although the honor is the main reward, we also have a total prize pool of at least SEK 30,000 that all contestants have the chance to win. In addition, exciting raffles will take place along the way, thanks to our amazing partners. This makes the BCC Tour 2024 not only a competition, but also an opportunity to win great prizes and create memories for a lifetime.

For Invitees only:
Please note that the BCC Tour 2024 is a closed competition conducted in the Golf Game Book app. Only those who have been invited via link have the opportunity to participate.

Stay tuned for more detailed information about the competition as it approaches! We promise to beat the big drum when registration opens. Get ready for a golf tournament like you've never experienced before - BCC Tour 2024 is here to define the new standard for digital golf tournaments!

En kvinna och en man i likadana vita golfkläder

Sub-competition 1

Total number of rounds played

BCC Tour 2024 Part Competition: Challenge the Limits

Welcome to the exciting competition of the BCC Tour 2024 , where we challenge you to test your golf skills like never before. In this competition, it's more your endurance than your performance that counts – play as many 18-hole rounds as you can between 1 May and 29 September. We invite you to pick up the gloves and give your best on the track.

Competition format:
During the period 1/5 to 29/9, your task is to play as many 18-hole rounds as you can. Each round is a chance to improve your skill and increase your score. Scoreboard and registration of your rounds is easy and smooth in the Golf Gamebook app. Here you have the opportunity to show off your talent and fighting spirit.

Challenge yourself:
This competition is not only about beating your opponents, but also about challenging yourself. Hit the track and see how many laps you can complete within the given time frame. Your persistence and skill will be the key to success.

The Golf Gamebook App:
To participate, use the Golf Gamebook app to record your rounds and keep track of your score. It is easy to use and gives you the opportunity to follow your own progress and compare yourself with other participants.

This competition is a great opportunity to develop your golf skills, compete with other enthusiasts and above all, have fun on the course. So, put on your golf shoes, grab your club and go on an adventure. We look forward to seeing you on the leaderboard and wish you the best of luck!

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Sub-competition 2

Total number of courses played

We invite you to explore the world through all the nice courses of the game or to explore the picturesque places just around the corner here in Sweden. With Golf Gamebook you get access to an impressive collection of over 40,000 courses worldwide. Your challenge? Play as many different courses as you can between May 1st and September 23rd.

An Endless Golf Trip:
This event is not only about competing, it is also about exploring the beauty of the sport of golf. Whether you dream of playing in exotic locations far away or discovering hidden gems close to home, Golf Gamebook has courses to suit every desire and taste.

A World Of Possibilities:
From the green meadows of Sweden to remote locations around the world, Golf Gamebook gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself in different ways on every course you play. Each course is a new opportunity to improve your game and enjoy the wonderful nature around you.

Collected Memories:
For each course played, you collect not only points, but also memories and experiences. You'll meet like-minded golf enthusiasts, enjoy stunning views and maybe even experience the perfect swing. Every hole is a chance to make memories that will last a lifetime.

So, pack your golf bag, go on an adventure and discover the exciting world of golf courses that awaits you. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, this tournament is your opportunity to explore, challenge yourself and enjoy the best that the sport of golf has to offer. We look forward to hearing about your adventures and wish you a fantastic journey through the world of golf courses!

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Sub-competition 3

Stroke play net

At Broken Clubs Club, we welcome you to a unique world of golf, where tradition meets innovation and passion for the sport is our driving force. Our third competition, Slagspel Netto, is a tribute to skill and versatility in the world of golf.

Your Total Score, Your Pride:
In this competition we invite you to collect your total score over your five best rounds between 1 May and 30 September. Just like in classic stroke play but taking into account your handicap. But here it is not only experience or handicap that counts; it is your skill, your focus and your passion that will shape your performance. Whether you're a low-handicap golf pro or a beginner just starting to put the club in the ground, Slagspel Netto gives you the chance to play at your own level, develop your game and rack up a great score.

Create Your Golf Story:
These five rounds will not only be part of the competition; they become part of your golf history. Every stroke is a chapter, every putt is a story, and your total score becomes your pride. Between May 1 and September 30, it's your time to shine on the track, your time to challenge yourself and your best result. We believe in making memories, sharing joy and celebrating every success in our unique arena.

Your Journey Starts Here:
So, grab the club, feel the wind and embark on your golf journey. Stroke play Netto is not just a competition; it's your opportunity to be part of something bigger, something deeper. Your journey begins here, at Broken Clubs Club where golf becomes more than just a sport – it becomes a passion, a challenge and an immortal story.

We look forward to seeing you on the track and wish you the greatest success. Good luck and play with your heart!

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