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Welcome to 2 Gringos - Your Portal to Unforgettable Golf Trips

At 2 Gringos, it's not just about selling golf equipment or arranging trips. It's about embracing the very essence of golf - the joy, community and adventure. We understand that golf is about so much more than just sinking a par. For us, every golf trip is a story, an adventure waiting to be discovered.

Golf trips with an Attitude

We're not ones to take ourselves too seriously when we're on the golf course. For us, golf is about laughter, about sharing great moments with friends and strangers who quickly become friends. So when we started planning our golf trips, we knew they wouldn't be like any other. Why settle for the ordinary when you can have extraordinary golfing experiences?

Discover Sweden and Europe Our Way

Our golf tours are handpicked to ensure that every moment is as memorable as your best shot. From the lush green courses of Sweden to the sun-kissed fairways in the heart of Europe - every trip is a lovingly designed journey through the wonderful world of golf.

Travel for Everyone Regardless of Skill Level

Whether you are a beginner looking to discover the wonders of golf or an experienced player looking for new challenges, we have the trip for you. Our trips are designed to be as inviting to beginners as they are to veterans. This isn't about your handicap - it's about your passion for the game.

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So why not make your next golf trip something more than just a couple of days on the course? Make it an adventure. Make it an opportunity to explore new places, meet new people and most of all, have real fun.

Our current trips at the moment:

Golf trip to Åland with music festival

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Welcome to 2 Gringos - where every golf trip becomes a story worth telling.