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Golf course: Väddö Golf Club

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Väddö Golf Club

Location: Väddö, Sweden

Year 2023

Overview: Väddö Golfklubb is a scenic golf course located in Väddö, surrounded by lush forest and beautiful fields. The course offers a fun playing experience with its varying holes and height differences. However, it is worth noting that the clubhouse only offers simple coffee, sausages and soft drinks, which can be somewhat limited when it comes to the food selection. You are close to Älmsta, which does not offer any major festivities, but if you play on a Friday afternoon, you can go to Vischa's restaurant pub evening where some evenings offer live bands. Otherwise, the nearest community is Norrtälje.

Design and layout: With its scenic surroundings, Väddö Golf Club offers a pleasant playing experience. The course is surrounded by beautiful forest and fields, providing a peaceful atmosphere during the game. The holes vary and the height differences provide extra challenge and fun play. The course is a feast for the eyes and players really get to enjoy the scenic surroundings.

Facilities: Väddö Golfklubb offers simple facilities, with a focus on the golf experience. The clubhouse has basic coffee facilities and a selection of sausages and soft drinks. Unfortunately, the range is somewhat limited when it comes to food and drink, which can be a disadvantage for those looking for more extensive options.

Condition and maintenance: Despite its scenic surroundings, Väddö Golf Club suffers from certain quality problems in terms of maintenance and care. The grass may be uneven and the greens may not reach the high standard you would like. However, it is worth noting that for the price of SEK 250 in green fees, the course is still affordable and offers an acceptable playing experience.

Conclusion: Väddö Golfklubb is a scenic golf course with a fun playing experience and varied holes that challenge the players. The course is surrounded by beautiful forest and fields, giving a peaceful atmosphere. However, there is a bit of disappointment regarding the food offer. Despite some quality problems in maintenance and care, the affordable green fee price of SEK 250 is completely acceptable for the golf course.

Read more about Väddö golf club on their website.

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