En vit golfboll med texten 'GOLF THING' ovanför en färgglad markör med texten 'Somebody's Closer' placerad på en konstgjord gräsmatta.

Unique Golf Ball Markers inspired by the movie Happy Gilmore

Let us present our unique golf ball markers inspired by the cult film Happy Gilmore. We've created four great markers that will bring back memories from the movie and add a fun twist to your golf rounds. Let us introduce our exciting markers - The Gilmore Cracker Ball Marker, Gilmore Jersey Ball Marker , Happy's Caddie Ball Marker , Somebody's Closer and Chubbs Gator Ball Marker. Read on to discover what makes these markers so special.

  1. The Gilmore Cracker Ball Marker: The first marker is inspired by the iconic real cracker. With this marker, you get a unique and eye-catching ball marker that will be the talk of the court. Let The Gilmore Cracker Ball Marker spread joy and laughter during your rounds of golf.

    A single round and orange biscuit disk with wavy edges and small holes evenly spread over the surface, it is a golf ball marker, isolated on a white background
  2. Gilmore Jersey Ball Marker: The second marker is inspired by the famous Boston hockey jersey worn by Happy Gilmore in the movie. With this marker you can show off your passion for both golf and hockey. The Gilmore Jersey Ball Marker is sure to put a smile on your face every time you use it.

    White golf ball with 'Pins & Aces Golf Co.' the logo on an artificial green turf along with a black golf ball marker labeled 'Gillmore 18' in yellow and white.
  3. Happy's Caddy Ball Marker: The third marker is inspired by Happy's caddy drinking beer from his beer hat. With this marker you can add a humorous twist to your round of golf and maybe even act as an ice breaker between you and other players on the course. Happy's Caddy Ball Marker is a great choice for those who don't take themselves too seriously and want to add some playfulness to the game.

    A golf ball with the words 'A GOLF THING' on top of a colorful golf ball marker depicting a character wearing a red headdress and a white jacket with the number 22, placed on an artificial green lawn.
  4. Chubb's Gator Ball Marker: The fourth marker is inspired by the memorable scene where the hand of Happy Gilmore's trainer, Chubbs, is eaten by an alligator. With the Chubbs Gator Ball Marker, you get a unique and humorous marker that pays tribute to this iconic scene. Let the marker be a way to remember Chubbs and add an extra dimension of laughter and nostalgia to your round of golf.

    A white golf ball with the text 'A GOLF THING' above a colorful marker with an illustration of a grinning crocodile, placed on a synthetic green turf.

Conclusion: These golf ball markers are not only fun and inspiring, they will also add a unique touch to your golf equipment. So if you're looking for something that will stand out and put a smile on your face during your golf rounds, then our Happy Gilmore inspired golf ball markers are a great choice. Come be a part of the Happy Gilmore tradition and let's bring the fun and playful spirit of the movie to the golf course.

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